What if you could have the power to know everything about a building, or be able to visit it no matter when, or where you are,

in less than 5 seconds...?




OK, we could tell you the whole story but...

It wouldn't be that special if you could figure out, at once, what we are preparing to #tourists , #managers , #owners , #architects , and #researchers of #buildings with #heritage or #architectural background.

One thing is for sure: we will revolutionize the way #tourism happens, we will bring #profit to owners leaving low seasons behind and we will #certify information from authors.



If you are a tourist and you're planing a trip soon;

If you are a manager or the owner of a building with heritage/ architectural background;

If you are an architect or a researcher that has authorship and copywriting to share, join us now and soon you'll know who we are, what we do and how we are planing to transform the access to information about buildings. Stay tuned and register above!

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